Programme of Events 2018 / 2019

12 March 2018Easter Ring WorkshopHelen Kirby
9th April 2018Brush Embroidery WorkshopJudy Banks
14th May 2018A.G.M. Nomocharis LilyJune Clarkson
11th June 2018Oriental StringworkJackie Buckley
9th July 2018Cupcake BouquetSaheda Lally
-----No meeting in August-----
10th September 2018Cupcake Bouquet Workshop (Bring some cupcakes)Lesley Dalton
8th October 2018EggsSteven Kirby
12th November 2018Bride and Groom ModelRobert Whitton
10th December 2018Outing Christmas Party (Date and Venue to be discussed)
14th January 2019Channel HandbagLesley Dalton
11th February 2019Cocoa Painting WorkshopAnn Kent
11th March 2019TBA
8th April 2019FairiesFiona Brooke